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Jubilee Debut in Decentraland

On Sunday 6th of 2023 August Jubilee a Producer and Artist Performed her Debut in Decentraland Metaverse. Serena Elis, the first singer in Decentraland who has hosted over 300 shows, and has created a project called DAYDREAM. This brand empowers minority groups and women to share their skills in the 3D world and gives them guidance as they join this whole new world to showcase their talents.

On Sunday, August 6th We host Multi-Media Sundays. Mult-Media is using more than one medium of expression or communication. Using a variety of different technology to showcase art and music. During the Event, Serena Elis created 3D Artwork called "Foot Fetish" for her New Music NFT produced by Jubilee and Gritbeat. Every week you can catch Serena Elis creating artwork and also exploring different tools to create digital art and music.

Serena Elis - 3D Art

Not only were we able to celebrate her Debut in Decentraland but we were able to give back to the LGBTQ+ Community. The Trevor Project is dedicated to young LGBTQ lives

They are able to provide information & support to LGBTQ young people 24/7, all year round.

Reach out to to learn more or looking for support.

We did receive a Thank you from the Trevor Project on Instagram on August 10 th 2023 For our donation for Jubilee Debut. We not only want to encourage creators but

make a difference even if it's small. I believe Web 3 gives us the opportunity to intersect communities together and make a larger impact.

If you would like to Donate to The Trevor Project they allow you to by cryptocurrency.!/donation/checkout

Jubilee's debut performance in Decentraland was a triumph of artistry, technology, and human connection. As we look to the future of entertainment, it's certain that events like these will continue to shape the way we experience music and art, allowing us to participate in a new era of immersive, boundary-defying performances.


Serena Elis - Founder, of Daydream X Sea

Serena Elis is a Singer, Multi-Performer, 3D Artist, Blogger, and Music Producer. She is one of the First singers in Decentraland which is one of the first Metaverse on the Ethereum Blockchain. Starting her journey in web3 back in 2020. She's has been featured on NBC News, and Mashable Magazine for her collaborations and innovation in the web 3 Space. You can find her in the Metaverse Performing weekly and working in the Entertainment World of Web3. She's also a digital native working remotely while traveling and with a devotion to creating engaging content with resources and helping other artists.


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