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Virtual Waves: Surfing the Metaverse Broadcasting Revolution with Biometa

As more people flock to virtual worlds, the demand for engaging and immersive content is increasing. In this blog, we explore the technologies and innovative approaches that are revolutionizing broadcasting in the metaverse. We cover everything from live streaming to interactive experiences, personalized content with Biometa, a metaverse native.

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Broadcasting in the metaverse, or virtual world, is a rapidly evolving field with exciting possibilities for the future. As more people spend time in virtual worlds, the demand for engaging and immersive content continues to grow. With advances in technology, broadcasting in the metaverse has become increasingly sophisticated, allowing for real-time streaming, interactive experiences, and personalized content. In the future, we can expect to see even more innovative approaches to broadcasting in virtual worlds, such as the integration of AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality. As the metaverse continues to expand, broadcasting will play a crucial role in shaping the way we interact, communicate, and consume content in virtual spaces. Here is a blog with Decentraland and multi metaverse streamer/broadcaster Biometa, who gives us insights on the future of watching entertainment.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background in broadcasting?

"My name is Chris Gonzalez in the physical world but mostly known in decentraland as BioMETA. Born in New York City raised in Washington Heights known as Spanish Harlem. All my life I grew up seeing many influencers who growing up showed me a vision of being a broadcaster aka host. It wasn't always that way. I grew up skateboarding and into the music scene not being an artist but around many musicians today known in the industry who motivated me to film. It became a thing when skating id record my friends making a skateboarding video while riding on a board catching incredible shots of skateboarding tricks for our skateboarding videos. Time went by I did many things from working as a porter to running my own airbnb cleaning and property management service to now working on building the first decentraland virtual metaverse streaming network. With only two years in the metaverse I've met many amazing friends and partnership all through the space ( web3). Today I have my streaming service where I have a website domain ( for people to book me to broadcast their IRL or metaverse event, even maybe doing phygital event hosting which I love BTW. Partnered with me in this project is my best friend Bitfiend who helped me all the way through including with the support of our sponsors Swivel Meta, Karma The Game Of Destiny,, metatrekkers & nftsocialclub we strive to grow the metaverse population and awareness to the world with VitaTV ( OSBVMT PROJECT) a metaverse ad share network & virtual metaverse streaming network all dedicated to web3 metaverse crypto & NFT content. I've done many streams in the metaverse from hosting twitter spaces across the multiverse to hosting metaverse art showings. Having a creative mind in photography from my skateboarding recording days helped me sharpen my mind and vision in all aspects of videography thus the true."

How do you think the metaverse will change the way we consume and interact with media?

" I'm a strong believer in advancing technology to help the consumer in a much greater scale of marketing and financial stability. It's never been seen today in the way we are seeing the web3 unfold how many people across the world are able to create a living now using this new technology ( blockchain).. Consumers have seen many detrimental outcomes, some good some bad but one thing they all suffer from is the chance to connect (market, advertise) in a more immersive and interactive way which as a viewer or supporter these one on one moments go a long way. With the ability to now have NFTs help fund a project in the web3 space we are now seeing NFTs help grow ideas and diverse cultures surface to a new level of success by removing the limitation of regional boundaries and allowing the people to interact in a economy ran by the users by reflecting who they are where they come from all from ones project which is a form of representation of one behind the movement. We now see the virtual world turn from a 2D website to a 3D immersive website in simple terms. Our daily day to day living style will forever change now as tech advances our once regular lifestyle will get an update from metrocards ( public transportation) , to personal docs like state ids, social cards, even seeing our airplane flight tickets all running through the blockchain technology in a form of a NFT."

What kind of content do you typically broadcast in the metaverse, and how do you decide what to cover?

"I love to broadcast almost my whole life. In fact if I could I would lol. I tend to personally stream metaverse events and sessions that occur in the space to spread awareness of the use or how to make use of the space. Live music performances, Stand up comedy session, podcasts of all genres, and even live irl event covers streamed into all spaces VitaTV lives or is connected to. A lot of my choices are made by demand or by researching what topic or genre of content is trending currently by using many analytic and statistical sites based on Streaming/broadcasting references."

How do you engage with your audience in the metaverse, and what are some unique challenges you've faced compared to traditional broadcasting?

" I've learned engagement is a very important part of streaming or broadcasting. Having the attention to greet or acknowledge a viewer is always something to keep in mind. One thing i've seen to have a hard time on when streaming into over 15 social accounts and over 5 metaverses it becomes hard to follow all chats or messages ongoing in all spaces at once. I've seem to find a semi solution not the best or 100% but using re-stream connecting all my sites there using a premium service plan that allows up to 15-25 social accounts including RTMP linkage to be used all on one source. Having to also come up with another solution for the missing half of what wasn't figured out was connecting my discord to all my streaming site and metaverse spaces using my discord and something called a web-hook which allows notifications of connected sites to be alerted in a assigned channel one can link to receive those updates. This can cover messages, a warning also for those entering your metaverse space and even having social media notifications beam into the channel as well. This helps not only the host but the view or user to see almost if not all activity the streamer/broadcaster is undergoing in real time."

What kind of technology and equipment do you use to broadcast in the metaverse, and how do you stay up to date with the latest developments?

"Technology is important when broadcasting as many other people are in the same field of interest. Making your services or project stand out is always a good thing. Using many techniques such as lidar technology to help recreate a 3d environment one can use in the metaverse based on an irl object or space is one tech i use a lot to map out spaces in 3d. When streaming quality and stability is vital to maintain the attention of viewers so sharper and more seamless viewing causes better engagement so i had to upgrade my cameras to a 360 VR 4k camera used to stream 360 VR streams which I host in my metaverse space built by swivel meta our main sponsor in a 360-VR pods you can explore in The Meta Embassy ( completed new BioMeta Hangout Space | SwivelMetaverse). Staying up to date is a bit harder than you think, especially in a space that's so new and developing rapidly. One tatic I use a lot is attending many irl events that one can attend using a booking app called Eventbrite. Here on this app you will find free and paid events of all types. I tend to stick to web3, metaverse, NFT and blockchain events listed there around my location. This helps me meet new people with new innovative ideas and technology where I then learn to incorporate into my project in my own beneficial way."

How do you think advertising and sponsorships will work in the metaverse, and what impact do you think this will have on content creators and broadcasters?

"Well this is a good question. I have made the choice to actually surround my project VitaTV to be a Metaverse ad sharing network & Virtual metaverse streaming network because I am very confident marketing will be one of the top industries in the web3. The metaverse allows for such a more expansion on how advertising is shared because of the connections between web2 and web3 including irl with merch selling, art designing ( fashion ), and even talk shows. With the blockchain technology we can see more of a reliable financial distribution system with royalties and also proof of ownership. This is a big role as marketing is key to all creators and streamers to monetize from the content or product one is pushing. Sponsorships will work wonderfully in this world of web3 as we know there are more than one metaverse platform which means more than one community lives around all spaces. Many web3 brands will aim to collaborate or partner with organizations across the multiverse as the exposure in partnerships across all metaverse platforms will show to have more impressions to a target audience when focusing on what metaverse houses a particular genre of people. Like social media today instagram, TIKTOK, Kik and more each platform dedicated itself to a particular group of enthusiasts. Finding out which metaverse holds more in demand to a particular category or liking will be vital to a successful web3 organization. Today we see community building and unity is what really moves the space of the web3 aka metaverse."

What are some of the biggest opportunities and challenges you see for broadcasters in the metaverse, and how do you plan to stay ahead of the curve?

"I see a huge opportunity in phygital marketing and broadcasting/streaming as the crossverse collab is where tech will be taking us soon. Imagine having a Victoria secret angel walk show but also having the same event with a different segment be premiered and showcased across the physical and digital worlds aka phygital. That will merge more immersive experiences and even give the chance to actually give a digital asset value in the physical world. We will see something that isn't physical can and will have more value behind it because of the utility/benefit valued to the holder of the asset. One thing I learned was broadcasting goes hand in hand with ad sharing ( marketing ) so having a project rounded on both aspects will benefit the user valuing the VitaTv project. Creating a one stop platform where all virtual content creators of the web3 or metaverse spaces can come share communities plus content sharing all under having many features from adsharing, to a full working television style UI network that will bring cable tv like content to the world on metaverse and web3 experiences. I plan to stay ahead by creating a platform where the project depends on the community activity and development of the users to advance features, experiences, and even new ways of using the metaverse(web3) space to reach various types of organization or background wanting to enter the use of blockchain technology."

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How do you see the role of broadcasters evolving in the metaverse over the next few years, and what new opportunities do you think will arise?

"Broadcasters will be vital in this space as they will be like the DJ's of the music industry where being the DJ gets you connected to other users in the same field or show interest in a similar field of expertise. Broadcasting will live a long time as we physically can't enter the space of the metaverse so having the inner projection to many outlets or communities will depend on the level of connections a broadcaster will have. The more connections or ties a broadcaster/streamer has will allow for a more recognized movement or recognition to the broadcaster/streamer/promoter. Streamers can and may even become metaverse brokers in the sense of connection projects that may best fit or need one another due to the level of exposure they will have from working with many platforms, organizations and events around the multiverse."

How do you balance the need to create engaging content with the need to maintain your own personal brand and credibility as a broadcaster in the metaverse?

"I try to focus on my project's main purpose and search for related events or organizations that fit close to my project's needs or community. Engaging to me is to maintain attention and have relatable content for the user who is tuning in to what's being streamed or broadcasted. I also tend to focus on making many partnerships or collabs so users on VitaTV or viewers can best have an index of outsourcing locations such as needed services, needed partnerships, to even advertising needs from other organizations or projects."

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in becoming a metaverse broadcaster, and what qualities do you think are essential for success in this field?

" I'd say learn about all the ways one can stream, get familiar with many broadcasting technologies plus learn how to study algorithmic trends or patterns sort of like people study crypto and stock sharing. Knowing the basic settings and meanings to all functions in a broadcasting network or operation is key. Knowing cool tech, tricks, and even problem solving basic or advanced technical issues totally is a must. You will more than likely always have an issue in setting up or programming until it becomes second nature to you. I do have one big piece of advice to all streamers and broadcasters that is to stay focused, determined, ambitious, and never worry about who's in your life or how many people. Consistency, and dedication will always pay off. Nothing with while comes quick or easy so never lose focus or trust in yourself. It's a vigorous trip to the top in this field but no matter what field you're in, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from all the hard work reflecting is way much more satisfying. Wishing you all a blessed and successful journey in web3."

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Serena Elis is a Singer, Multi-Performer, 3D Artist, Blogger, and Music Producer. She is one of the First singers in Decentraland which is one of the first Metaverse on the Ethereum Blockchain. starting her journey in web 3 back in 2020, She's been featured on NBC news, and Mashable Magazine for her collaborations, and innovation in the web 3 Space. You can find her in the Metaverse Performing weekly and working in the Entertainment World of Web3. She's also a digital native working remotely while traveling and with a devotion to creating engaging content with resources and helping other artists.


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