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Serena Elis 3D Artwork


DayDream By SEA™ also known as DXS is an entity founded by artist Serena Elis, female multi-genre Music Producer, Singer, 3d Artist and Multi- Metaverse Performer. She performs Genres such as Electronic music. Such as Melodic, Trance, Rave, experimental and future Garage.  Originally from New York, United States Serena Elis Travels as a Multi- metaverse Performer  while working remotely. During her childhood, creativity was the only way to let her imagination wonder. To this day, it has given her the drive and motivation to pursue it as a career. Serena Elis knows she has found her purpose and true destiny, and wants to help motivated and enlighten others through her story that there are miracles in chaos and all dreams are possible. Serena Elis music is spiritual and cathartic experience that lets you into a positive world of love and hope. 

Serena Elis 3D Artwork
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