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About Serena Elis

I am Serena Elis. Born in the Bronx, New York.  I think I was about 6 or 7 watching MTV from my bunk bed watching Brittney spears "Hit me, baby, one more time". At such a time in my life growing up in the foster system, I could help but imagine myself on TV. It wasn't long until that came true. In 1998, my sister and I for some reason got picked to be in a commercial with Mariah Carey. it's like I manifested it. I ended up on the Maurey show and also a PSA Commercial when Mariah released her Butterfly album. Shortly after I got adopted at the age of 8. It was a magical moment how it all unfolded. My adopted mom bought me a violin as a gift when I moved into the house. I would sing and practice in my room every day, it consumed all of me.  I felt like it was the only way to express myself and be in my imagination and escape some of the trauma I was going threw. It was the healthiest way for me to cope. I played the violin up until 12th grade and attended choir while attending extra activities to grow my skills. I'd always be the first one to volunteer for the solo pieces and would attend festivals like NYSMA. I received awards for excellence in my sola Pieces. I always knew there was a special gift I was given but it wasn't until later in life did I learn how to hone in on it. I could sing and play music by ear, it all came very naturally to me. I had this strong urge to know more and the arts and music. After graduating high school, I ended up ditching my creativity and putting it on the back burner. My dreams felt so far from me. So much doubt lived within me and listening to others and family made it seem like it wasn't a possibility.  I became a rebellious teen up until my late 20s. During these times, I felt lost and felt I was just surviving and just here. Deep down I knew I was meant for something bigger just didn't know how, when, or what to do next. Not being in tune with my purpose brought the wrong situations into my life like relationships, places, and things. It took up until one day being fed up with where I was emotionally and spiritually that I said I am just going to go for it and pursue my dream and see where it takes me. the process was slow but I started by producing music In Ableton Live. It was so natural. I can make and create stories and turn them into songs. I picked it up so quickly. I then began doing live events and trying to turn my shyness into boldness.

Let me tell you, it was not easy. Fighting doubt, and living with low self-esteem and confidence made things challenging. Challenging and changing old belief systems of how I should live my life was work and progress. There was a war inside my mind between doing something I always dreamed of to staying safe and comfortable, even fearing I would look like a fool. I eventually learned, this battle will subside and it is a journey to enjoy. Going back to my rebellious days, most of my encounters when I would attend parties, events, or social interaction it just happened to be around Celebrities and Elite people. Not sure if it was a coincidence, but I was always invited to some pretty exclusive events. Parties for Diddy, music video sets, I was even in Rhianna's hotel room while Drake waS upstairs. Not sure if any of them can recall, but I was in some pretty interesting situations. I would sing and showcase my work here and there, but most of the men in the industry wanted to exploit my passion and turn it into something sexual or weren't taking me seriously. I lost hope in my career as an artist many times from those encounters.

I did do contract work for companies in Web 2 such as AVS Production Group which has worked with artists like Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Pitbull, Jbalvin, and was a Production Assistant for SXSW, Carnival Cruise Line, Zumba, Def Jam, and more. I did get to meet well-known people and would share my talents, but life never took me down that path, which I am glad I didn't look back. Entertainment has a dark side that I saw, and I feel I was being protected from it. 

I am so happy I never let go of my dreams though. I am so grateful that my dream didn't die.

Fast forward, I took the leap of faith and decided to start streaming my production LIVE on twitch and sharing my talents. I decided to go to Decentraland, the first metaverse on the Ethereum Network during the pandemic. I had gotten laid off from my job so I just started streaming as much as possible and ended up getting around 9k followers on twitch and also performing in DCL even though there weren't many users. I started performing live in DCL and for other web3 companies. Since the start, I performed well over 200 Shows with brands within the Metaverse and also Web 2 Companies. One of my performances was even featured as " Best Digital Event " on Glossier for Vlade Beauty, a LUX lipstick line sold at Nieman Marcus. I created their NFT Phygital Collection on the Bitski Platform, curated the music, and also Performed their metaverse event. I have gotten PR by many platforms for my continuem as a metaverse performer and artist. 

So far I've been on Glossy Magazine, Vouge Business, Mashable Magazine, NBC News Business, Biz Bash, DecentraNews, Bybit, NFT Plazas, Beauty Independent, and

I continue to push my musical career forward expanding into MusicNFTS while also onboarding and teaching female artists. As a side project working on Education and onboarding females into the metaverse.  While working on this, I continue to push my creativity and the boundaries toward what is possible forward.

 She also worked for charity Events for Floyd Mayweather Hosted by Boom Cups which focuses on Sports Entertainment.

During the beginning stages of working on my music career, I also got my Real Estate Licence, selling over 3 Million Dollars with a 95,000-per-month Volume. My VPG surpasses Quotas which I excelled as a travel Rep. In 2022 decided to quit. I have taken many risks in my life including this one. So many people have told me to do this job while working on my dreams, but it's not as easy as it sounds. The real estate was taking so much of my time and energy I wouldn't have much to achieve anything else. Today I continue to perform and expand to different metaverses, showcasing my talent in djing, singing, art, education, and onboarding females. 

My company Daydream X SEA plans to expand in the world of Crypto, nfts, entertainment, and the metaverse.

I have been around many well-known celebrities and people in the entertainment industry and it is my passion to continue to push my Vision in this career in Music. I am no amature when it comes to Meeting and being in rooms with well-known artists like Lana del Rey, Jaime Fox, Diddy, Cassie, French Montana, Marc Anthony, Fabulous, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Rakim, Camron, and many more in high society from Artists, tech professions to even people in Government positions. I had some great experiences with MTV, BET, Truly TV, and World Star Hip-hop, even though they were not specifically for my art, I think it's preparing me for something more remarkable. This year I accomplished her affiliation with Ledger, NordVPN, and also Pitchbook for her blogging and education work. All the skills and talents that I have made in the past are preparing me for an impeccable future. Having faith in the journey is the most important. Going after your dreams isn't that easy, It's a bumpy ride, but it is all worth it. If the Universe continues to give me these visions and feelings of becoming something great I truly believe it's for a reason and I am trusting in this. 



Screenshot 2022-12-14 111410.png
Screenshot 2022-12-14 111410.png

Mariah Carey and I 

Mariah Carey did a commercial that I had the chance to be apart of. I sat on her lap and she mentions my name. A very unique experience.  

Lana del Rey


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