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Exclusive Interview with the Sugar Club. Pioneering inside Decentraland.

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Sugar Club. A Unique Club Created by Kay director / artist (sugarclub.eth) , JessieJess (adviser) , HPrivakos (game dev).

Sugar Club is a Virtual Club With Live Entertainment, Digital art & Fashion

Sugar Club is One of the very First Clubs deployed in Decentraland that started exploring the possibilities of live entertainment, art and fashion. Currently the Sugar club just finished an exclusive Wearable design in collaboration with the agency Conspicuis for Consensys, Yes the famous web3 company for their 2022 Hackathon event.

Let take a look inside their world and see what else they are up to.

As many Users and creators in web 3 Continue to explore and create in the metaverse, we cant help but want to get to know more behind the artists and creators on their journey in the metaverse. Lets hear more about the Sugar club and what sparked their Curiosity in such a new Space like the metaverse.

Sugar Club, How did you discover Decentraland and what made you want to join and create in game?

"During the ICO craze of 2017. The market for upcoming projects was saturated but Decentraland immediately caught my attention because of its focus on being a virtual 3D world and gaming.. I have always been a fan of gaming and electronic music and I saw the potential for the metaverse concept back then, especially in regards to creating art and music events while owning your own digital assets on the blockchain."

Being a pioneer in this space, what sparked your interest and curiosity at such an early stage of the metaverse ?

"I was originally a professional dancer and choreographer with a long career in the performing arts. With the shift in policy regarding funding for the arts I became interested in bringing my experience as an artist to the digital space. Sugar Club came as a concept to challenge myself and create a 3D environment that could combine music, art and dance under the same brand. We have learned a lot from this experience and formed very interesting collaborations in the NFT space since 2019. Our focus shifted recently to creating digital fashion under our brand sugarclub.eth and making exclusive events that are loved by the community."

Decentraland Wearable


What are some the changes you have seen since the beginning of your journey up until now ?

"We deployed the first iteration of Sugar Club in late 2019 when the first iterations of the Decentraland SDK came about. We were also participating in the early hackathon competitions with our concept and received the land for the club as a prize for being the first club concept to deploy in Decentraland. So, Sugar Club is indeed an historic 3D project in the metaverse.

The early days of DCL , the community was very small and mostly developers. So I was essentially one of the few interested in making events related to social experiences around the theme of music and art. Since then things have changed and the user base is much more vibrant with many clubs and art galleries popping up. In fact I would argue clubbing is one of the primary attractions bringing users on the platform nowadays."

Is there anything you would like to see different in Decentraland ? and where do you see DCL in 5 years ?

"Decentraland still suffers from technical challenges and scalability . Streaming is expensive and can be difficult to set up. I would like to see the platform scale and be able to handle hundreds of concurrent users at any given time without crashing the servers . . .

I hope that the platform keeps on growing and becomes more stable for developers to use and create content. I also would like to see VR capabilities introduced. "

We want to thank the Founder of Sugar Club for their time on this interview. It's amazing to see what the pioneers are building in this space. The Sugar club just finished an exclusive Wearable design for Consensys. in collaboration with the agency Conspicuis. They also have a rave party for the upcoming MVMF festival in Decentraland the second week of November 2022.

Sugarclub.eth wants to ultimately be a recognizable brand within the metaverse and their goal is to keep their project interesting and focus on quality rather than quantity.

To learn more about the Sugar Club and enter inside their world in Decentraland and Crypto Voxels.



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