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In depth Interview with Decentraland performer Steve Saiko

Updated: Mar 16

Steve Saiko is a Dj from Greece who has performed over 30 shows in Decentraland. He continues to perform in real life 2 times a week while also building his brand within Decentraland metaverse.

Find out to learn more about his journey, inspiration and motivation.

A Metaverse Performer is a new category in web 3, in which artists can perform for a digital crowd in a digital world. This virtual type of entertainment allows artists to explore the possibilities when it comes to creating a more immersive experience. We see performers like Steve Saiko and I performing across venues in Decentraland, exploring creative outlets to share our passions and also expand our creativity. If you are not familiar with Decentraland, it is a "3D, user-owned virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create, design, build, sell digital real estate and a lot more. There are many possibilities to explore as anything IRL can be done digitally.

I have had the pleasure of performing alongside many creatives and Dj's like Steve Saiko at the MVMF, and other events. I Thought this would be a great way to learn about our fellow performer by asking questions, so we have the opportunity to get to know them a little deeper. There is always something to learn from the people around us and these blogs are to inspire future creators. So let's go ....

What inspired you to become a DJ, and when did you first realize youre passion for music ?

"I was inspired by the fact that I went to metal/punk concerts and later to rave parties as a child and I realized it early because I was actively involved in music by buying vinyls, books, magazines and of course listening to music all the time!"

Steve, Can you walk me through your creative process and how you approach each Performance ?

"I.R.L : Because I have been playing professionally for almost 15 years now, I have more experience with decks! I usually have 1-2 events a week, so I listen to a lot of music,new releases mainly and I choose what I will play at the event I will perform at. I play electronic music, mainly techno and depending on the place, the country, the party and that's how I adjust my DJ set too.

METAVERSE : At the moment I only do pre-recorded sets and the reason is that usually the time when most parties take place in Greece where I am now is 5-8 in the morning.

So I can't play live! I hope I can do it in the future.

The process is as follows / I mix a new DJ set, then in a video editor I add the music to a video of me playing live, I also add subtitles for the venue, the project & more.

I try my best for the best result. This process in total can take me 3-4 hours together with the upload! It's not a short time, but I sure like it. "

What challenges have you faced as an artist/metaverse performer and how have you overcome them?

"I think that Metaverse has a lot in common with real life, but perhaps in a different way, because the contact with people is not so direct, although this also has some other beauty. Some inconsistencies maybe for a party where I would appear! I remember I had lost a party at the beginning when I was playing in Decentraland and after I was sad. Also, as artists with payments, there are always some issues, mainly from unreliable people you work with but you don't know beforehand, although fortunately I didn't face any serious such issue and I hope it won't happen of course.

I always try to be straight with anyone who approaches me to play in one of their events and clear in what I ask for! Also the most people that approach me have good intentions.

And some others things not so important to expand I think! In general, mine and the community's mood is very positive, so this doesn't leave much scope for bad situations, that's my opinion."

What role has education and formal training played in your journey as an artist?

" I believe that education and formal training definitely played an important role in many areas of my life as a DJ, performer, music producer!

And also later when I started teaching younger people who wanted to take their first steps in the world of electronic music production through Ableton Live,

I believe it made me even more complete as a person because sharing my knowledge with other people was something that I liked & enjoyed so much !"