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Introduction: A Chance Encounter with the Nyolings NFT Project

1∑xistence shares his story on this blog post with Decentraland citizens and the Nyolings NFT Project

Nyolings NFT Project

One day, as I was browsing through Twitter, I came across a tweet by Hirotokai, a respected and renowned figure in the Decentraland community, about a game he was developing for an intriguing NFT project. Having collaborated with Hirotokai on a wearable before and knowing his legendary status in Decentraland, I was instantly drawn to the project and decided to acquire one of the NFTs. To my surprise, I discovered that Category Five, a metaversal DJ with whom I had crossed paths during the "Beattrekkers" DJ battle I hosted, was also involved in the project. This unexpected reunion of the three of us, who shared a passion for the project's success, further piqued my interest and led me to uncover the fascinating story of the Nyolings and their remarkable community-driven turnaround.

Hearing how the Nyolings project nearly failed and how the community had come together to carry it forward, I felt compelled to share this story. Far too often, projects in the Web 3 space fail and never recover. The tale of the Nyolings serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of community-driven passion and the reuniting of three passionate individuals.

Here is their inspiring story.

The Great Nyolings Revival:

When Community Passion Transforms an NFT Project

In the rapidly evolving world of NFTs, the Nyolings project stands out as a testament to the power of community-driven efforts. I had the opportunity to speak with Category Five, a metaversal DJ, NFT collector, and Web 3 enthusiast, who played a pivotal role in the project's turnaround.

Category Five shared their initial encounter with the Nyolings project, stating, "I discovered the Nyolings project soon after its minting and was captivated by the incredibly intricate, lively, and adorable 3D artwork." Regrettably, even with its distinct and dynamic 3D visuals, the project almost collapsed due to poor management and the intrusion of individuals pursuing fast gains.

The turning point came when the founding team offered ownership to the community, who eagerly accepted the challenge to breathe new life into the project. Category Five explained, "The founder realized that they could not keep up with the demands of the community, so they made the decision to offer ownership of the project to the community, which we accepted."

With control of the smart contract transferred, the community worked tirelessly to add new utilities to the project. Category Five shared that, "The main utility now of Nyolings is owning one of the best PFPs on the blockchain and having access to our amazing community of friends and builders."

The community also eagerly anticipates the release of NyoVille, an open-ended crafting and survival adventure game featuring Nyolings as main characters and NPCs, designed by Hirotokai. Category Five described the gaming experience as one that is "very customized towards user preference; you can chill and build a farming empire or go fight wizards with magic spells in caves!"

Through the project's trials and tribulations, the community has learned the importance of communication and transparency. Category Five and the board of directors now prioritize involving the community in every decision, hosting open board meetings in Discord where members can participate and have their voices heard.

With the community's unwavering passion and dedication, the Nyolings project is now thriving, boasting an engaging, diverse community that has found success through social adoption and user experience. Category Five reflected on their measure of success, stating, "To me, that means new people using Nyolings PFPs on Twitter and Nyolings owners having a great time with their community members on Twitter and Discord."

The project's story serves as an inspiring example for other NFT projects facing similar challenges, emphasizing the potential of harnessing the love and care of those who genuinely appreciate the art and intellectual property. Category Five offered advice to other NFT projects, saying, "Find the people who love and care about your IP and art and build with them. The global and diverse connections that Web 3 enables are unlike anything on earth!"

As the Nyolings community continues to grow and evolve, they look forward to upcoming developments such as the launch of their new website, mobile staking integration, and the continuation of their successful weekly poker tournaments. With a renewed focus on community engagement and a strong foundation built on passion and collaboration, the Nyolings project has become a shining example of how a dedicated community can turn a struggling NFT project into a soaring success.

To learn more or get involved, check out socials and NFT Project below.

Author -1Existence May 6, 2023

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