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How the Metaverse is transforming and disrupting the industry

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

List of industries that the metaverse will change and transform.

Either way, the Metaverse will change our way of life and our relationships experience, and the environment around us will become more than just a social platform or network. It will reshape the way we view the world at large, creativity, mentally, and financially.

First, What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is based on technology that enables multisensory interactions. Virtual environment, digital objects, and people. The fidelity of the XR system is A stereoscopic display that can convey the perception of depth. In the Metaverse world, the user can create their customizable digital art of themselves named as an avatar and meet with new people around the world with their avatar. In the Virtual world, users can make purchases, learn, do business and reshape and open up new ways to be creative. Metaverses like Decentraland is the first decentralized platform in the Ethereum Platform. You can buy, sell, do real estate, fashion or take your brand to new heights that allow you to include gamification and community experience.

Below are some valuable features of Metaverse that are already transforming the industry.

List of Industries that will transform and disrupt.

Entertainment Industry

Serena Elis PERFORMS Droffo
Droffo Event Nov 22, 2022 in Decentraland

It will disrupt the Entertainment Industry. Since covid-19, most events had to be postponed and also moved to online performances. It was an easier transition to perform online since the pandemic, as more individuals are now working from home. Due to the Metaverse, it is possible to conduct events and concerts in the metaverse like Decentraland. Decentraland is a Metaverse on the Ethereum Blockchain that allows users to create and monetize their experience in a decentralized environment. Event managers, in particular, need to grasp the reality of this all-new event experience, as we will need more event coordinators to onboard, and educate new entertainers about this new way of sharing talent. The cost to create events will be drastically different as coding from engineers/builders and AI will take over the roles of many Event production operators/assistants and the amount of equipment needed to create an immersive experience.


Fashion is already disrupting the metaverse as we speak. It is a great way for users to express themselves in different ways. In virtual reality games like Decentraland, users and creators now have the chance to design 3d wearables that fit their brand and monetize on their content. Creators are able to exchange, buy, sell, or gift virtual wearables to create an interactive experience. This will allow fashion to go way beyond just clothes. The possibilities are endless, as avatars find new ways to express and be anything they can imagine.

Sugar Club - Fashion


Users of Metaverse can enjoy the real-life experience of gaming in virtual worlds. Players can earn money by playing and winning the challenges. Axie infinity is the best example of metaverse game players earning ETH-based crypto, which can be easily converted to fiat currency and used as real-world cash.


Metaverse will be able to create an immersive storyline for different games and experiences, including sports, simulation, social media, simulation, PUBG, and Minecraft, poetry, and more as it's now becoming more than a game. Storytelling will be implemented with NFTS to provide utility and interactive games to use with other players within the metaverse.

Real Estate Industry

The Metaverse has changed the real estate industry in various ways. Users can buy a virtual property and experience a walkthrough of real-world development. This includes buying and selling virtual estates on the blockchain which can be bought as NFTs. NFTs are 'A non-fungible token is a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership' This can eliminate bad contracts written IRL, and allows transparency within the web3 space. Owners of digital real estate will also be able to rent out spaces and charge monthly rates just like the real world. You will be able to change scenes for different events, and brands within the game.

The use of SDK ( software development kit ) or software depending on the metaverse, will allow you to experiment and create different experiences/scenes within your estate, which gives your estate more value as it is changeable. There are many possibilities available with digital real estate that will eliminate costs while increasing engagement and marketing with immersive experiences.

Serena Elis Decentraland real estate
Decentraland Real Estate

Medical Field

The Metaverse has completely changed the medical area. Now medical practitioners can diagnose patients and do the treatment by using the "hard" digital sciences or meeting in the world to chat or go for checkups. The metaverse may allow more data to be saved as well as bring practitioners from around the world to solve complex diseases and come up with better solutions.

Here is an interesting video on youtube about how to metaverse will change the medical field and help doctors come together from different parts of the world.

Data Bounty Hunters

In Metaverse, the data is everything, and you should have complete control over your data. And for data miners, the Metaverse is the best market for them.

How to Join the “Metaverse”?

You can easily grow your business by joining the Metaverse. But before joining, you should know if the Metaverse is the right place for your business. Below are the main points to consider if this is the right platform.

Understanding of Metaverse

Find out the right platform.

Check if Metaverse fulfills your targeted audience

Marketing campaigns

Choose of metaverse platform

Join and invest in Metaverse

The Metaverse is still in its beginning stages, with many challenges. There are various types of metaverses available to explore. You can explore the Metaverse using the technologies, which include PCs and laptops, smartphones, tablets, public blockchains, etc.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be used in Metaverse because it's associated with transactions that occur with web browsers. Metaverse is VR-based. Users can use NFTs tokens, which have many useful features compared to others. Below are some of them.

More secure: NFTs consider one of the most secure currencies for owning and trade virtual assets.

Creates Scarcity: NFTs can help to create scarcity as it gives value to the asset though it is very important in the virtual world.

Monetizes Assets: NFTs allow monetizing assets to users in the Metaverse. For virtual world businesses, users can create income streams by using NFTs.

I'm sure they are many other fields that Virtual reality will disrupt and change forever like education, dating, the food industry, coaching, interior design, and much much more.

If you would like to learn more about the metaverse, head over to Decentraland. If you would like to learn more on how to enter DCL Check out this vibe on how you can join, or download the app on your desktop so you can participate.

3 Simple ways to enter into Decentraland in 2022 - Step by-Step



Serena Elis - Founder, of Daydream X Sea

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