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3 Simple ways to enter into Decentraland in 2023 - Step by Step Guide

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

How to Enter into Decentraland by MetaMask, email or Desktop Application.

As Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival and other events are around the corner, here are some tips to help you on your journey into entering the metaverse.

First, What is Decentraland ?

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Within the Decentraland platform, users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications.

Here are a List of steps and options ON how to enter into Decentraland.

#1 Using MetaMask Application

The first step is making Sure you have the MetaMask Application downloaded in your Browser. You can skip this step if you don't want a wallet, but if you want to collect FREE NFT's and save your settings in game, this is your best option.

If You are new to the crypto space, you can download the extension on your computer. . .

The browser I would recommend to use, would be Chrome and Brave. Make sure you head over to your Web store. Here is the link for Windows Application MetaMask.

Make sure you do download the correct one as there may be a few. I always double check I am downloading the correct extension. Should be verified.

Once Downloaded, you can make it visible on your bowser extension for easy access.

Once downloaded, you will need to make sure you save your "Seed phrase" in a safe place if you haven't done so already. It's very important to protect your wallet password, as you will be able to collect NFT'S in game.

I do have a blog to help you with safety measures using a ledger wallet AKA 'Cold storage." Check this Blog LEDGER WALLET . Make sure you go check that out.

Once Finished setting up you MetaMask wallet, head over to and

"Open in Browser". You can download application, which ill show you that other option next.

Once You click "Open in Browser" It will then allow you to connect to You MetaMask wallet. Enter the password you used to set up your MetaMask which is separate from your seed Phrase.

Enter your password to your MetaMask. It will then ask you to select the wallet application. There are other options for other wallets, but we will click The MetaMask wallet for this step, now click next.


It will load. Then your avatar should be in the genesis Plaza. Here, you can see avatars with their unique wearables. These are digital assets. Don't worry, you will be able to get wearables too, as the community and brands of Decentraland are really giving and welcoming to new users. You will be able to express yourself in ways you couldn't imagine. Have fun with it!

Click the avatars picture on the top right corner

To change your avatars clothing, Click the avatars picture on the top right corner and select "Backpack" to be able to change clothes. in the future, You can go over to the marketplace and buy wearables or create wearables of your own.

Here is one of my wearables in the marketplace "Take the mic" by Serena Elis, and created by Awed job.

Once finished you can head over to "explore" Different Parcels and events. Feel free to explore Decentraland and interact with others. Select places or events and see what is going on for the day. There are games, Performers, concerts, lectures, and much more.

There is a chat box and channels on the bottom left to interact and also a voice chat.

On the top left here, you can click to travel to different realms. Make sure when entering to events your on the correct one. If you don't see anyone around you can always change realms or you can enjoy it however you'd like.

Tips :

You can click the letter "b" and a number 1-9 at the same time to change emotes. This is so you can express yourself with how you are feeling in that moment. Have fun with it. I love to dance.

You can press the Shirt key and arrows if you would like to walk or run.

Serena Elis in Decentraland

Serena Elis in Decentraland
"Take the Mic" wearable by Serena Elis" Bodysuit by "Diverge"

Logging off.

When logging off its important to always disconnect your wallet from any application you connected your wallet to. Click on the 3 dots on the right corner of your MetaMask wallet, and click " Connected sites" . Its a great habit to have in the web 3 Space to Protect your digital Assets.

Decentraland Disconnect from Metamask

There you have it, These are the Basics to get you started. there is a lot more you can do, but you can learn more the more you come into the community. Don't hesitate to ask for help from the community or myself. We will be happy to assist you, ill make sure to provide info on where to reach us.

Here is a Youtube video to Help you, if you need a visual.

#2 How to Enter with Email

To Enter with email as a guest, head over to and click "Open in Browser" and then click "Play as Guest". when selecting this option, your information like your name and selected clothing's wont be saved. Experience will be limited. All other steps stated above do apply when entering game, and you should be good to go.

#3 Enter with Desktop Application

Same steps apply when using the Desktop application except you will enter on app.

Click "Download" instead.

Log into Decentraland

You will be asked to use either your wallet and email like the steps above, To enter with wallet you will have to enter and accept with your phone device.

Scan on you MetaMask application and you will have to approve and sign on phone device.

You will then head in game, and can use the other steps to interact.

Those are the 3 options you have to enter in Decentraland. There are ways to enter VR headset that do require a few more steps but we will use another blog for that soon.

I hope this helps you and Can't wait to see you in the metaverse. Head over to the Decentraland Discord to learn more.

Serena Elis World
Serena Elis World at 83,74

Feel free to visit my Parcel


Serena Elis Pretty

Serena Elis - Founder, of Daydream X Sea

Serena Elis is a Singer, Multi-Performer, 3D Artist, Blogger and Music Producer. She's is one of the First singers in Decentraland starting her journey in web 3 back in 2020. She's been featured on NBC news, Mashable Magazine for her collaborations, and innovation in the Space. You can find her in the Metaverse Performing weekly and working in the Entertainment World of Web3. She's also a digital native with a devotion to creating engaging content with resources and helping other artists in their Journey.



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