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The perks of using for travel and remote work in 2023

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Working remotely and traveling. How Can be useful for your international and traveling needs. is a cryptocurrency platform that offers a range of services including a wallet to store, buy, sell and pay with cryptocurrencies, a Visa debit card to spend cryptocurrencies anywhere, and a trading platform to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies with fiat or other cryptocurrencies. It aims to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and usable for everyone.

As a user, I find this card to be rewarding in many ways. Especially if you travel internationally for remote work, a digital nomad, or simply looking for a Crypto visa card for your crypto ventures. Below is a list of benefits. is a good option for remote workers because it offers several benefits that can be useful for individuals who work remotely:

  1. Easy payments: With's Visa debit card, remote workers can spend their cryptocurrencies at over 60 million merchants worldwide, making it easier to get paid in cryptocurrencies and spend it as needed.

  2. Lower fees: has lower fees compared to traditional payment methods, making it a more cost-effective option for remote workers.

  3. Secure wallet:'s wallet uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect user's funds, making it a secure option for remote workers to store and manage their cryptocurrencies.

  4. Trading platform:'s trading platform allows remote workers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat or other cryptocurrencies, providing a convenient option for managing their investments.

Overall, provides remote workers with a convenient and secure platform to manage their cryptocurrencies and make payments, helping to streamline the Pros and Cons


  • 0 annual fees

  • No credit pull required

  • No ATM fees

  • Short lead times––instantly access and process funds

  • Generous cashback spending offers depending on Card tier,

  • Get up to 5% back on spending


  • Long list of exclusions of MCCs which do not earn CRO rewards

  • Extremely high staking requirements for most of their card tiers.

  • Low monthly ATM limits on lower tier cards

Are you a remote worker or Plan to ?

As someone who spends a-lot of time working in the metaverse, and in web 3, you now have the opportunity to work in different parts of the world. If you have a gaming computer and access to wifi, you now have the options to try this, and I know this because it is something i am currently doing. This year, I have traveled to Thailand, Hawaii, and Italy. As I am in Thailand, I can showcase my metaverse performances, and also host shows.

With, it's been a very beneficial card to have. Since it is an international visa card. I was able to take out funds from the local Bangkok grocery Store ATM. I did have to pay a fee in BTH. Another Option you can use, is going to a Local Bitcoin ATM, (they have apps for locating these) and being able to withdraw bitcoin or whatever cryptocurrency the atm allows you to withdraw. With just these two options things are working in your favor if you want to stay in the crypto route. I am still learning how to navigate using the card, as i have moved away from traditional debit cards/Credit cards. They are still useful, but i have limited my use in these. I eventually hope to see the world be crypto friendly where you wont need to withdraw, and can just pay with crypto.

Airport Lounge Access through LoungeKey:

This by far has been one of my favorite features, and a money saver. I was someone who was an average traveler, economy style. Although my goal is to upgrade to first class, having this loungeKey access certainly feels like i am on my way there. Since, Upgrading to the Indigo card, I have totally taken advantage of the benefits wherever they are available. I downloaded to Loungekey app, and usually search which city i am traveling to. They give you the information of which terminal to head to, and then in the fine print what is included in that. For instance, I had a layover at Qatar Airport. I layover happen to be 7 hours. I could have been frustrated, but with this access, I was able to "Use Sleep and Shower" ... where they allowed me to sleep for up to 3 hrs in a Pod, that had my own TV, AIR Conditioning, pillows, Blankets, charge all my devices and then have the concierge wake me up when my time was up. I had a awesome nap and felt comfortable. I then went to the shower. where i can receive up to 1hr. to shower, they had blowdryer, organic shampoo/conditioner and soap. I was fresh and clean after a nap, then i head straight away to Al Maha Lounge Where i enjoyed open bar, and some vegetarian cuisines. I took some peligrino and waters and put them in backpack and a few snacks and was ready for my next flight. The experience alone, made me reach out to and thank them for giving the average person who has never experience this kind a service a thank you. Really made me appreciate crypto and the doors it can open for others.

Card Tiers

When i first started with crypto . com 3 years ago, i did start off with the free one. I wanted to try it out before i spent more money on it. over the years the platform has grown, I ended up grading the card two times. I upgraded to the Ruby, and then finally the indigo to tier 3. I hope to become a black Card holder some day. the Indigo card cost me about $4,000 worth of CRO tokens. I think within the years of traveling and using the perks of Spotify, Netflix, airport lounge, i already got at least half my money back. I think the money is totally worth it, if you are looking for comfort, connivance while traveling. Looking forward to someday, being able to use Private Jet partnership one day. Yes, it's on my bucket List.

If you are interested in signing up for getting a, and would like to receive these perks. You can use my referral and we will each get $25 dollars in Bitcoin. My referral code is q84ty89w2s . You don't have to , but this would help both of us out.

Please feel free to read about my other blogs, about how to make money in the metaverse. or find side hustles in the metaverse. leave a comment below and let me know if you are already a user what has your experience been like. Or are they any other cards offering other benefits ?

If you are a Digital Nomad, or plan on traveling for long periods at a time. SafetyWing has affordable plans for over 200 countries for medical or Travel Emergencies.

Please feel free to read about my other blogs, about how to make money in the metaverse. or find side hustles in the metaverse.

If you have any questions for me and would like to know more about this blog, feel free to message me on twitter or DM on instagram or comment below, would love to connect or if you have questions about Digital Nomads.


Serena Elis - Founder, of Daydream X Sea

Serena Elis is a Singer, Multi-Performer, 3D Artist, Blogger, and Music Producer. She is one of the First singers in Decentraland starting her journey in web 3 back in 2020. She's been featured on NBC news, and Mashable Magazine for her collaborations, and innovation in Space. You can find her in the Metaverse Performing weekly and working in the Entertainment World of Web3. She's also a digital native with a devotion to creating engaging content with resources and helping other artists in their Journey.


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