Living in the modern world of technology, we as individuals have the ability to access hidden knowledge and the opportunity to expand our minds right in the palm of our hands. So would you consider this the best time to be alive? Well, we can say that it all comes down to our own perspective. One thing is for certain, technology is truly changing the chemistry of our bodies. Not just our internal chemistry but also in the way we interact with the world. This can be considered negative and/or positive. So with the many theories and opinions out there, which perspective do you choose? Technology continues to grow faster than ever, but the main question I ask myself as a lover of performing Arts, how is it affecting creativity and music? What about the culture? Which direction are we heading to? I will list some of the important Pros and the cons on how technology effects Music, Culture and the Artist themselves. 


Social Media 

We can start off with the Biggest Platform known to man. Social Media. Social Media is one of the biggest platforms in the world. From performing artists, world leaders, or for anyone trying to make an impact in the world this can open new doors. Marketing gives us the ability to target a specific audience that is relevant to our brand. Targetting a specific audience can really help spread our creativity with others and connect us with like-minded individuals. Musicians today can reach a larger fan base, and connect to fans from across the globe. It's pretty neat if you think about it. This can be a really positive thing for anyone who is putting themselves out there.

But on the other side of the spectrum, can this lead to distraction from creative endeavors? I Find that social media can also become an addictive distraction if not used properly. Time Management should be a habit worth learning. With the saturation of artists in the music industry today, it can also become a competitive place. Social media lacks the consequences of using this in forms of validation and acceptance. We also don't see the dark side of the struggles or hardships of creative people. They also say that succeeding in this industry is harder than going for your Doctorate Degree. If we really want to thrive in this industry you must really play the game right. Knowing the way the industry works is critical in succeeding. Just being talented isn't going to cut it. Let's go over some of the changes Artist must adapt to in this time ...


The music industry is also changing in the way we distribute music. We no longer need to sell CD's or records. It is all about streaming Services. Let's not forget airplay and touring along the way. If you think that creating music will break you as an artist, then you are fooling yourself. It all comes down to what level you want see yourself in and what you want to achieve. To get discovered, connecting yourself to big playslist is the way to go. 

Streaming today is saturated with all types of music, and take a guess how much Artist are getting paid ? paying/streaming - artist 


We can argue about these facts that artists are getting robbed by the big boys, or we can disagree that art should be free and it shouldn't matter if you love what you do. But according to Billboards Breaking News the "U.S Music Industry Generated $9.8 Billion in 2018, Third Straight Year of Double-Digit Grown: RIAA". That's a large amount of money being made off creative energy, while many Musicians are out there trying to catch a break. Stated from Billboard News "The U.S. music industry grew 11.9 percent to $9.846 billion in 2018 from the $8.797 billion tallied in 2017, thanks to continuing explosive growth from streaming, which jumped 30.1 percent to $7.37 billion from the prior year’s total of $5.66 billion."



I was taken back with these numbers when I saw this. And then it explains why the music is so different then it was 50 years ago. While many artists must keep producing content to stay relevant, studies have shown that the quality of music has changed dramatically. Researchers have taken music within the past 50 years into a system that summarizes a complex algorithm. Only to find out that the Harmony, Complexity, loudness, and Quality has changed so much that we are now only listening to a shorter series of frequencies. Our brains wouldn't know a masterpiece even if we were to hear it, because we have been so brainwashed with what music is being pushed in the media. Our brains eventually release dopamine when we hear the same music over and over, which causes us to eventually like it. A Song heard on the radio, maybe a song you didn't like the first time but eventually adjusted to your likings the second or third time you heard it. But was it really your choice to like it? That's what programming is, it's unconscious and sneaky. Our ears may not even recollect or understand complex melodies based on the frequencies pitches being projected to us. Our brains love familiarity, so sticking to the same cookie cutter formula comforts people, so this causes a harder time to change the general public ear.  With the drop of texture and quality, we can't expect to have the same music like the Beatles. The attention span of people today will not allow Music to expand the way that it should. Unless a series of changes are made. I remember my 15 old self getting a Stacie Oriccio album and listening to it on a cd player and I remember clearly really enjoying it. I am pretty sure I got my monies worth because I listened to it so many times. I didn't just skip to the next song, I enjoyed to album completely. And formed almost a bond with it. Stacie Orrico is now apart of my life journey.  I mention this because music has become so accessible and downloadable that it almost it loses its quality. The average level of music comprehension among the general public is extremely low, so we can expect sound richness and depth of sound.  Not just sound, but lyrically too. So how can this be changed?



Well, we can start by informing ourselves and others about this topic. Because it all comes down to the listener to be the change. Enlightenment comes in many areas, and this specific topic is one of them. Its because it's connected to our ears, minds, hearts, and spirits. It's a pretty big deal if you look at the bigger picture. It shapes culture and can reach large amounts of people and move them in a certain direction. It's powerful. With more independent artists coming out today, we are getting different sounds. So ask yourself, about the genres you listen to. Are they all similar in style? Are you open-minded to new things? Do you give a song a chance, and listen consciously? Our brains will never change if we are comfortable, so it's important that if you want to be the change, be open to all types of music. There is a lot of amazing artists out there today besides the ones heard on TV and radio. Artist themselves should also be themselves, I know its easier to follow the trend but your uniqueness should be heard. Labels aren't as popular as they used to be, so we hope the new wave of musicians can shed light, love, and positivity and be the next generation of Sound that contains quality and depth. The real essence of music needs to come back alive. and I hope this step on writing this blog can help. I care about Music as a whole and the amazing benefits it provides, so supporting for the good of all. Culture and originality should never be diminished, it should always inspire. We wouldn't want real music to be overlooked and underappreciated right? So spread truth and support artists who seek change but are still aware of the culture and can still be relevant in this modern world. It takes you first. 





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