Intelligence comes in many different forms, and Emotional intelligence (EQ) is just one of the few that comes to mind when it comes to the human mind and emotions.  Most of our emotions and feelings are what allows us to make decisions in our life, which directly influence our habits and actions. But sometimes not being consciously aware of our emotions and being mindful it can lead to unconscious behaviors, leading the mind to go on autopilot, which greatly influences our relationships, communication, and overall life. So how can we enhance our emotional Intelligence abilities so we can level up our life and benefit others? 

First, let take a closer look at what defines emotional intelligence.  When we talk about EQ, it really indicates how well you can recognize and use your emotions. Dissecting them and understanding them in such a way where it becomes almost like another sense. This is something we are not always born with, but it is something we can develop and practice to become more socially and emotionally aware of our surroundings. But why would we want to be more attuned to our emotions? what are some of the benefits of being more aware? As we learn to become more emotionally intelligent, we can learn to lift our self- confidence socially, lifting our own spirit. Emotional Intelligence requires to be aware of other peoples emotions, the energy around us and inside of us. How do we deliver our emotions when we go through the waves? Do they impact the ones we love in a negative and positive way?  The communication styles in EQ is all about the delivery of feelings and how you project them out into the world.  Some examples that come to mind is expressed through music, poetry, or art. These forms of expression are healthy ways to release emotions that can inspire and help you become closer to your true spirit.  It's so critical for a healthy body, Emotions need to be released property so they don't linger in the mind. It also creates a great deal of understanding and compassion/empathy towards yourself and others.  

Now when it comes to music, we all know music enters our ears, into our mind, making its way into our hearts and emotions. Music has the power to influence a whole culture and move your senses in such a way where it can affect behavior, memory, and decisions.  It can excite us, make us feel happy or sad, or even help us relax. Whatever mood you want to feel, music can get the job done. Listening to music also has a direct impact on your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. So how can music c enhance our emotional intelligence? Take a second to assesses your thoughts and feelings when listening to that song that moves you, Can you be aware of the energy that is being projected out into the universe? What word would you describe this feeling?  What does energy feel like when the music being expressed is flowing inward?  Whenever you're in that present moment with those feelings, how can you transform it to be expressed in an artistic way? The present moment can help enhance your level of understanding energy and Emotional intelligence. It is like having a sixth sense, we call it intuition. We can practice EQ by being honest and authentic about how we really feel and letting them go. Never denying or pushing them away, but by sitting in them and expressing them with delicacy and compassion. Think about writing your feelings down, or picking up an instrument. Your mind and heart will make the most beautiful connection.  

I hope this article can help you get another a perspective on emotional intelligence and shift your life and help you become more aware of your senses. What would the world look like if more people were more compassionate and empathetic? There would be no doubt a higher level of world peace. 

-Serena Elis 


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